2011 Nepal

Operation Walk Syracuse picture from mission trip to Nepal.​

Kathmandu, Nepal (November 2011)


Linda Taylor (author) works at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists. She was inspired by the sharp contrast of our cultures. This poem is dedicated to the group that gave their time to help others in need a world away!

Operation Walk Syracuse undertook its first mission abroad, to Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal, a country with only one physician per 20,000 people, is in great need of specialized medical care. In cooperation with the Nepalese Ministry of Health, four orthopedic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and operative teams (about 50 people in total) traveled for a 9-day mission to complete 75-100 total-joint replacements.

Operation Walk Syracuse built four of their own operating rooms in Nepal so that all of the surgeons could operate the entire day for the duration of the mission. The operative teams brought every piece of equipment that could possibly be needed in the joint replacement surgeries and post-operative care. To that end, about 15,000 pounds of supplies were shipped to Nepal prior to the mission.

Medical education was an important component of the November 2011 mission. Nepalese doctors observed and assisted in the surgery so that they could gain exposure to the latest orthopedic surgery techniques and technologies. The Operation Walk team also included physical therapists who trained local practitioners to appropriately care for the patients after the teams departure.