2013 Panama


Location: Central America (Costa Rica to the North and Columbia to the South)
Capital: Panama City
Total Population: 3,941,375
Average Life Expectancy: 76.8
Independence: November 3, 1903
GDP per capita: $15,900
The average person makes $2.00 per day.


Surgery Statistics From The Trip

100+ Patients were screened and 69 patients were selected for procedures.
74 joint replacements were completed. 61 were knee replacements and 13 were hip replacements.
53 volunteers were involved in 4 days of operating in 4 operating rooms.

A Letter from Executive Directors
Dr. Brett Greenky, Dr. Seth Greenky, & Kimberley Murray, RN, MS

In 2013, Operation Walk Syracuse returned to Panama City, Panama, to build upon the work we began at Hospital Santo Tomás in 2012. With lessons learned and experience gained from our prior experiences in Nepal and in Panama, we were able to complete a total of 74 joint replacements for 69 patients in 4 days.

It was incredibly special to see past patients, and to be able to give several patients form our first Panama trip their second joint replacement, granting them mobility, independence, and a pain free life. These patients are released from their personal prisons by being granted The Wish to Walk, and as a result have a new lease on life. The experience is emotional, humbling, and highly rewarding. We hope that this yearbook provides insight and highlights the amazing things our volunteers and donors have helped achieve.

Every year, you help Operation Walk Syracuse touch hundreds of lives all around the world, as well as here in Syracuse. You should consider yourselves valuable members of the Operation Walk Syracuse team through your contribution of time, talent, and resources to Grant the Wish to Walk. We thank you for your continuing support and provide this book as a token of our appreciation.