Final Team Meeting – 23 days until take-off

We met at SOS offices in East Syracuse.  Sunday evening October 14th.  The meeting was originally scheduled for October 9th, but had to be postponed. Why?  A fair number of attendees had already made arrangements to take in the Dalai Lama World Peace Concert, scheduled to take place that  same night, here in Syracuse.

No one should be surprised.  So many of these volunteers are cut from the same cloth.  They are committed to Helping.  They are committed to Caring. They embrace their role as Citizens of the World, and they commit to making a difference.  Whether that means attending a concert to listen to the Dalai Lama and expanding their minds, or hopping on a plane and traveling 4400 miles to serve their fellow man, they are committed to doing what needs to be done.

So we met Sunday to walk through final arrangements.  Kim Murray led the meeting, which included an inspirational video from Operation Walk Denver. We went through the logistics; a reminder of departure times, last minute packing tips, itinerary, etc.  The meeting was well attended.

Final Team Meeting

Final Team Meeting

At the end we banded into smaller groups, each to further discuss specific logistics related to our assignments.

You could sense the focus, and thoughtfulness, as we approached the final days.

Everyone was focused on the same sense of purpose, as the Goal, the One Goal becomes to spend 9 days in Panama and do as much good within those 9 days as we possibly can.

Frank Panzetta