The Volunteer's Briefing

A Volunteers’ meeting was held at the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists Administrative Offices located on Widewaters Parkway on September 5, 2012.

Kim Murray called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

She walked us through an entire itinerary of logistics.

We talked about travel dates, flight numbers, and roommate assignments……

Travel and Documentation requirements from the Panamanian Ministry of Health.

We talked about packing and travel tips…

Role assignments and responsibilities.

The daily itinerary for each day, November 6th through November 14th!

Include cargo unload, patient registration, surgery days, and recovery days….

And special dinners with the President of Panama, and the First Lady….

And of course a site seeing tour of the Canal!

It was amazing!  Boxes of donated scrubs were presented and everyone participated in the grab bag of trying to secure properly fitting tops and bottoms.  There seemed like plenty to go around.

The generosity of the time and the talent commitment of everyone in the room was palatable.

The material generosity of all the partners and vendors necessary to make the trip happen was heartwarming.

I sat there listening and simply being taken aback by the magnitude of what was about to take place.

Kim took us through the meeting with calm and purpose.  As I left I remembered thinking……

62 Days until take off!

Frank Panzetta