November 8, 2012 End of Clinic.

After we had screened all the patients we needed to that morning and into the early afternoon, we started to pack up.  The doctors and other members of the clinical team needed to review the charts in order to plan out the next day.  We packed our things and prepared to leave the clinic to head out.  Once packed, we emerged from the back of clinic.  We looked like athletes leaving the locker room after a long game.  Hockey players to be specific, because we all carried giant bags of supplies into the waiting area.  

The patients were still there.  

They needed to wait to find out if they were candidates for surgery, and if yes, which day specifically, they were scheduled to return.  When we emerged; they greeted us all with smiling faces.  I had seen scores of people that day!  And I had only seen them for a few minutes at a time. I didn't think I would remember anyone of them specifically.  But I did.  And they remembered me! I was just the guy who had taken their picture for their medical record, and with me, were the nurses who helped triage them, and the doctors who had examined them.  As we walked toward our next destination they began to smile, and wave.  And we of course smiled and waved back.  Then as we continued to file out they began to applaud!  And cheer!  They made me feel so welcome!  They were so grateful!  

I don't think I have ever felt so unexpectedly, over-whelming appreciated in all my life.

Frank Panzetta