November 8, 2012 Team Dinner

After a rigorous day of patient screening we gathered for our team dinner.  The next several days will be quite busy as we prepare to operate on 60 patients, and perform over 65 joint replacements.  Tonight was an opportunity for the group to have a nice dinner together, and share the schedule one last time for Friday morning; day one of surgeries.

Kim, and Brett and Seth addressed the group.  Spirits were high in anticipation of the first day of surgeries, mixed in with a bit of anxiety of not knowing exactly how smoothly the process would run.

We talked about when the buses would be leaving the hotel.  And who needed to be on which bus.  After great a dinner, we broke up into small group meetings as each team discussed specifics issues related to their specialty.  After that, most of us returned to our rooms to get some rest for what we knew would be a very hectic day.

Frank Panzetta