End of the First Day

By the middle of the day, the pace, the mental and emotional stress of the communications, and the physical stress of the logistics, were beginning to take its toll.  However, at the end of the day, there was, esperanza!

The team decided to convert an unused Operating Room into a supply center.  Immediately you could see the spirits of the staff pick up.  The end of the day consisted of, taking care of the final schedule of the day's surgeries, the normal work related to the care of the post op patients, preparations for tomorrow’s work, and the additional work of moving supplies from one area into the new OR storage room.

Although the staff was physically exhausted, the phrase, “tomorrow is going to be a better day” was on everybody’s mind and lips.  

After a final run to central supply to drop off the instruments for sterilization, we hopped into the late bus, and headed back to the hotel.


Done for the day...
Done for the day...

Frank Panzetta