Surgeries Day Two

Day Two was more of the same.  And that’s exactly what I mean…more of the same!  Thank goodness we had improved our supply situation from the day before, because I was quickly learning that day two meant more work for everybody!

The surgical teams had an even bigger case load than the previous day; 16 patients and 18 procedures.  The nursing staff on the unit would need to care for the 12 patients they already had, plus the 16 that were here today.  Physical therapy needed to get everybody up and walking according to the post operative plan.  Supplies had to move faster, and be cleaned and sterilized as quickly as possible.

In the Operating Room

I started my day in the operating room.  TKR.  Total Knee Replacement.  Drs. Damron and Vella were the surgeons, Dr. Mitchell was the anesthesiologist, Tammi Walker (princess!) was the circulating nurse and Jamis Revette (precious!) was the surgical tech. 

Before I left Syracuse folks wanted to “Get me in the OR” at St Joseph’s to see an operation up close.  I mean, I always thought I had a pretty strong stomach, but no sense in taking a chance and having my first surgery I ever witnessed be here in Panama.  The last thing the surgical team needs is one more patient out cold on the floor.  So I did.  The produce was a partial knee.  I was fine.  

Well, let me tell you something, a Total Knee is quite different!  Fortunately, I was still fine, and in fact I was given an experience few are privileged to experience.  As an amateur photographer I thought I was able to get some decant pictures.



Dr. Seth Greenky asked me how I liked it afterwards.  I said it was like nothing I had never seen before.  He said, “Wait until later, I’ll show you a Total Hip!”

Frank Panzetta