We're Getting Our Excercise

So the four main locations are: Our Patient Unit that we call 4-1, the Operating Rooms, the Recovery Area, and Sterilization Area

The Operating Room and the Recovery Area are located near one another.  But the others are not.  Basically there are three main areas.  OR/Recovery, 4-1 and Central Sterile.

All three places are located a fair distance from each other.  However the corridors that lead to each, all intersect at one point.  To give you some sense of distance, if you were at the intersection point it would be 150 yards to 4-1.  180 yards to Central Sterile, in a different direction, and 300 yards to the OR, in a third, different direction.

So... each trip to the OR and back from the unit is about a half mile.

Frank Panzetta