Discharge Planning Challenge!

One of our patients was recovery fairly well.  He had had a knee replacement.  He had been up and walking and bending properly.  But he was still not able to fully extend his leg as the doctors and therapists would have liked.  He was eager to go home, and was communicating to his medical team, that he would love to go home with some specific and additional discharge instructions that he could work on away from the hospital.

As the conversation continued the medical team asked about his home life.  Where did he live, what type of work did he do?  How did he get to the hospital and how would he get home?

Well it turns out that he had travel 4 hours in a canoe to get here!  And that in fact, was his transportation home as well!

Well, that convinced the medical team that until he couldn't be comfortable with a fully extend leg in a canoe for 4 hours, it was best that he stay a little longer and work with the therapist!

Frank Panzetta