The Panama Canal

After our last surgery for the day we gathered the group and all headed to the Panama Canal for some sightseeing.

It was a nice trip that took us away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The landscape was more rural and the closer we got to the canal, there were periodic wet lands.  On the way we saw a sign that read, “Beware there may be Crocodile in the Water” 

Once there, we were able to sit and stand in a large observation deck where one could watch ships passing back and forth on the canal.  The average size of the ships were over 900 feet.  Each lock is 1000 feet from end to end.  There was about 5 feet on either side of the huge ships as they moved through the lock.


There was a 10 minute film about the history of the canal.  And a 4 story museum, complete with a simulator which simulated the bridge of the huge ships.  The “windows” of the bridge were movie screens that made you feel like you were moving a big ship down the canal.

When the tour was over, we gathered in the parking lot to decide bewteen those that wanted to go out to dinner, and those that wanted to head back to the hotel.


Frank Panzetta