We're Back!

Of course we are back, and it seemed foolish to write some stories implying we were not.  However, I will go back and catch you up on some of the final things that happened that I did not get a chance to blog about due to our travel schedule.

Our Final Team Dinner at the Union Club – Our gracious hosts, and most specifically Alfredo Maduro, arranged for us to have dinner at the Union Club, a very nice and elegant establishment, with all of our key contacts from Santo Tomas.  What made it extra special was that invitations had been sent out to some of the Physicians and Nursing staff, both from the patient unit and the Operating room. It was a real treat to spend the evening with them and enjoy their company one last time.

The evening consisted of, a wonderful dinner, entertainment, provided by a group of local dancers, complete with full costume, and then more dancing as the dancers created a “conga-line” style dance and pulled many members from the audience into the dance!  What a great time.

The evening concluded with multiple presentations. And “thank you's”.  Kim, Brett and Seth, thanked the team, and our hosts for both a wonderful experience and a fantastic “job well done”….

Our host thanked us for all that we did for the patients and citizens of Panama, and the staff of Santo Tomas.

Plaques were presented, hugs and handshakes were exchanged.  And at the end of the formal speeches, the invitation was offered to all the members of the audience to take the microphone and offer up their own thoughts and words.

What a wonderful idea.  And what a wonderful end to a fantastic dinner and an awesome week that words alone simply cannot describe.

People spoke from the heart.  It was all very moving.

Frank Panzetta