2 Days Until Take-Off!

This past weekend was our last weekend prior to take off.  I knew my own head was filled with dozens of thoughts and ideas.  But then I wondered what they rest of the team was thinking?  I wondered if I was to poll them, how similar and how different would all those thoughts be?

So I put out an e-mail, and invited folks to respond.  Prose, poetry all were welcome.  I also used a fun technique in which you get 3 and only 3 words to share your thoughts.  Scroll down and enjoy!

Appropriately, Kim Murray got us started with a quote from the Talmud

”Save one life.  Save the world”

Many people just told me how they we feeling with open narrative.

Excited and a little nervous. - Vonn Lee, PACU RN 

Sweet anticipation. Luis Castro M.D

Me siento muy excited :) Linda Gonzalez (Translator, Supplies)

Others took up the challenge of the 3 word phrase.  

Scrambling, but smiling! Shelly RN

Excited, Energized, Supported – Tim, surgeon

Anticipation, Challenging, Psyched – Seth , surgeon

Harriet Taylor, surgical tech offered more of a prayer, “Bless our intentions”

Tammi Walker RN, had a few.  Excited, nervous, excited!  And she was also thinking about her husband and son; “Craig, Matt – Alone!”  But her last one was possibly her best; “Need….Bigger…Suitcase!”

Adam Fleck, who calls himself, the implant guy, simply says, “Ready or not!”

Dr, Kenyon had the courage to venture out with a Haiku, which aptly pulled it all together:

Walk Syracuse now

it’s a joint operation

Panama, can’t wait!

What a fantastic response!  Thanks to everyone!  And on the eve of my flight, perhaps Theresa Faircloth gave me the three words that mean the most to me today, as think about my family, my friends and my co-workers...

Hasta La Vista!

Frank Panzetta