Screening Day, Nov 8, 2012

Today (Nov 8) was incredible.  Breakfast at 6:30.  At the hospital by 7:30 and the patient screening clinic was in full swing by 8:00.

Over a hundred people filled the wide corridor which served as the preliminary waiting room.  We used a clinic area that is used at the hospital to pre-screen the patients.  Many of the patients had been pre-screened by a doctor and seemed to be good candidates for the Operation Walk program, they had been told specifically to report today in order to see a doctor face-to-face from Operation Walk to further determine if all agreed we would be able to proceed with surgery, possibly see if we could help in some other way, such as medical injections.

Others were there as late add-ons to the Operation Walk schedule.  They may not yet have been prescreened but this was a good day for them to be examined by an Operation Walk team of doctors to determine if there was anything further that could be done for them.

Screening Day, Nov 8, 2012

Screening Day, Nov 8, 2012

We worked for hours.  It was a  well oiled machine of doctors, nurse, technicians and clerical staff, making sure the patients were recorded properly and then moved to the medical team for more evaluation.  The patients all want to hear the good news, indeed the joyous news, that the medical team will be able to do something form them.  Either give them the relief from the pain, or give them the opportunity to move and walk in ways up until now they have only dreamed about.

The Spanish word for ‘to wait” is esperar……

The Spanish word for hope is esperanza…..

So all day, while we worked….they waited, and hoped.

Today our patients were screened.  They waited long hours for the opportunity to be evaluated.  And after that they waited, and waited some more. And while they waited, they hoped for good news. And while they waited they dreamed. 

Frank Panzetta