End of the 3rd Day of Surgeries


Three days of surgery complete.  The Medical unit is at full capacity.  Three full days of surgery, plus the patients that are scheduled for tomorrow.  Fortunately, some of the patients from Day 1 of surgery were ready for discharge.  We discharged 15 patients today.  They were very happy and very excited.  I was fortunate to be standing by the doorway as some of them were wheeled by.  They stopped and shook my hand and thanked me.  They all seem to remember me as the camera man who took their photo for their patient file back on Thursday.  The fact is, I literally have nothing to do with their surgery, care, or recovery.  But they thank me as if I did, with the most sincere “thank you” and the brightest of smiling eyes!  And I respond with the phrase which is the common response,  de nada.  Which literally translates to, it was nothing.  But is more loosely translated into “you are most welcome.”  And I will tell you that that “thank you” does as much for me and this team, as anything we did for them!