Day One - Cargo Day

Cargo Day was a nice success.  The team arrived at the hospital at 8:00 and the Cargo trucks arrived soon after at 9:00.  At that moment it was all hands on deck. 

Kim and Mike O. primarily worked the loading dock.  Monitoring boxes and inventory as it was unloaded. Gary and Eric, our volunteers from Stryker implants, were right there taking boxes off the truck, loading them onto carts to be taken into the hospital.

Tammi monitored receiving the boxes into the building.  Triaging the differences between OR, PACU, Medical Unit and Central Sterile. Dr. Hehir and Janice moved boxes and helped to arrange the physical therapy supplies, while Dr. Mitchell and Jamis moved boxes and then helped to organize the surgical and anesthesiology supplies.

Marilyn and Paul worked to set up the medical supply area.  Dominick, Ron and Mike H. moved material closer to the Central Service area. Dainy did double duty all day, not only helping with the physical activity, but also by translating with our Santo Tomas colleagues.

Kudos to the DiNardo Family, Mike, Gretchen and Sam.  They helped in where ever they where needed and it was much appreciated.  

The documentary team, Dave, Doug, and Lisa were both able to help with the cargo and were also busy collecting film and interview footage of Day One activity.