Screening Day

The day began at 8:00 am.  Patients arrive early and wait in the large waiting room.  All are hopeful that they will be eligible candidates for surgery.  However, before this decision can be made they must go through the clinic screening process.  Here the doctors and clinicians will evaluate if the patients are viable candidates for the procedures. 

The process is basically; patient registration, physical exam, and then afternoon conference. 

The registration process is the beginning of the process.  Patient’s charts need to be assembled before they can be handed off to the medical teams.  X-rays, medical history and patient photo all become part of the patient chart.

The medical exam helps to confirm for the medical team what they may already know, and also help to educate them on things they need to know.

The last step of the process is the chart review.  All of the doctors and the core of the surgical team, review all of the patients and charts that they saw throughout the day.  The goal is to confirm and “rule people in” although this may be the process by which some patients are “ruled out.”  This team decides if the patients are ready for the surgical procedure or not.  The goal is to try and help as many patients as we can during our one week stay here.  Patients, many of whom have traveled great distances, wait to find out if they have been confirmed as surgical candidates, and if so, details on where and when to report next.

Throughout the day, staff that are not directly involved in the screening clinic, are busy making their work areas; Central Services, Instrumentation, OR, PACU, Physical Therapy and the Medical unit, ready for tomorrow’s first surgical patients. 

The day went very smoothly, we saw many patients and have a full schedule of surgeries scheduled for the next several days.