Arrived in Guatemala City

Yes we did arrive safe!!  We left Syracuse bright and early.  We were in the air by 6:00 and in Atlanta a little after 8:00.  A 2 hour lay over in Atlanta and then off to Guatemala City.  After a 3 hour flight and we landed in Guatemala City around 11:30 AM Guatemala time.  The pass through customs was nice and easy.  Then we boarded two mini buses for the 45 minute ride to Antigua.  It is election season in Guatemala.  Elections are early September.  The driver told us there are over 25 political parties, and the streets are covered with campaign posters and slogans.  
Once we arrived in downtown Antigua, it is easy to see the entire center city is a designated historic site.  Literally cobblestone roads.  Imagine the 1600's in Spain, Mexico or Texas.  Many of the buildings, including the Hotel and the Hospital are simply tall, stucco, windowless walls when viewed from the streets.  But once you enter inside, especially the Hotel, it is like an internal mall, with various rooms, restaurants, and sitting areas connected by a layout of covered walkways and open courtyards.  The view all around us in the distance is of various mountain tops.  It is very beautiful.
The crew is spending the day settling into their rooms and doing some preliminary exploring and sight-seeing.
Team dinner is tonight at 7:00.