The day began at 7:00 AM.  The first cases of the day were already in pre-op.  Our doctors and nurses joined the hospital staff there to continue the patient preparation.  Our surgical teams were busy in the operating room, making sure their rooms were ready for their first cases.  Meanwhile the floor nursing staff was busy making sure the beds and supplies would be ready to receive their first patients.
There are four operating rooms.  All day long, patients moved from pre-op, to surgery, to post-op, to the unit.  All of the cases went smoothly and the patients are doing very well.  Some of the first patients of the morning, were quickly alert and working with the physical therapists doing in-bed exercises.  Their enthusiasm and ability to listen to, and work with staff, is inspiring.  The first several patients of the day have already taken their first walks!
Each and every patient has their own unique story.  Today we had two patients with inter woven stories.  Two sisters, here on the same day, each needed both hip joints replaced.  Here they are seen holding hands in Pre-op, just prior to their surgeries.   And later, post-surgery they are shown here, lying side by side in the Recovery room.
At the end of the day,  some staff were busy making sure they were doing all they could for their patients, while other staff were busy preparing cases for the next day.
The total surgical activity for the day….the team performed surgery on 16 patients, and replaced 18 joints.