Tomorrow is Screening Day

The day began at 8 AM for the team already in Antigua.  And even early for the rest of the team that was beginning their travel day from Syracuse to Atlanta to Antigua.  The rest of the team has arrived safely, and we were all able to meet at the hospital for a team photo and tour of the facility.
For the team already in Antigua our day was mostly unpacking our supplies and organizing them.  This hospital in mainly a mission hospital which means different teams from different cities come in at different times to perform needed surgery and provide care.
So all day long we unpacked and organized the different supplies into the various medical specialties; Orthopedic, Anesthesia, Pre-Op and Post-Op, Medical Nursing Unit, and Physical Therapy.  The supplies are many, and the storage space is tight.  We got very creative to make it all fit.  
At the end of the day, 4:00 PM our time, we met up with our traveling colleagues who were just making their way to the hospital.  Once together we took a Team Photo, and were treated to a tour of the facility.  We were given both instruction and orientation to the hospital operating room protocols, as well as being able to witness the care that the staff are able to provide to a very needy patient population.  Some of the patient population are small children and many of us were filled with emotion, both joy at greeting many of them and sharing a welcoming smile and “hola!”  and also sadness as we witnessed first hand some of their suffering.  We developed an even deeper appreciation for the care the staff provide on an ongoing basis.  And it made us even prouder to serve alongside them for the next several days.
Tonight is team dinner, breakouts into small work teams, and additional instruction and orientation about the days’ work ahead.