Day Two Of Surgeries

Today was the second day of surgeries.  Today the team operated on a total of 16 patients and replaced 20 joints.  All of the previous patients from yesterday did very well over night.  There were no patient discharges today.  The medical floor is very busy.  The patients are divided into 4 separate areas.  The smallest hold 5 patients and the largest holds 10.  All of the areas are ward style.  There a no private or semi-private  patient rooms.  
The patients who had surgery on the first day were very busy today with additional physical therapy.  Those patients continued with their stationary exercises, their walking exercises, as well as stair climbing.  All in preparation for their eventual discharge.
In addition to today’s scheduled activity, there was another opportunity to continue to screen more patients, to see if they are candidates for surgery.  Nine additional patients came in.  Five of them are candidates for surgery and will be woven into the schedule tomorrow or Wednesday.