Day Three Of Surgeries

The day began with a necessary redesign of our work flow.  The Operating rooms were scheduled and ready to go.  However, there was major work flow redesign for the Nursing units.  After two full days of surgeries, and no discharges as of this morning, the nursing units were getting very full.  Two more rooms were converted into bed space to accommodate more patients.  Unfortunately, one of the rooms was the small area the staff were using as a central supply location.  The room could only accommodate 3 patients, but, combined with the other room, it would be enough.  After that we should begin to see discharges from the units that would make the necessary room to accommodate today’s patients from the Operating Room.  
The movement of the nursing unit supplies created an all hands on deck situation.  Folks worked to put supplies into boxes for transport.  Shelving space was created in a outdoor courtyard, with overhang, to receive the supplies.  This area was where some of the not yet used OR supplies were being staged for later today.  The OR staff took into the OR storage area what they could to make room for the nursing unit supplies.  The PACU staff took some supplies into their area as well, to help make room.  Then some of the nursing staff on the unit, along with the logistics team, began the process of re-stocking the Nursing unit supplies.  Once all those moves took place, staff adjusted to the new work flow, and the continued delivering of patient care.  Everything was a little tighter, but everything was back to fully functional.  This is the essence of Operation Walk.  And in particular the camaraderie of this team.  When faced with a challenge, the dialogue quickly moves to what are our options, and what are our best options, and what do we need to do to make it happen!
The rest of the day flowed very smoothly.  The operating room saw 17 patients and replaced 23 joints.
In total, we discharged 8 patients today!  These were patients that were operated on Sunday!
Tomorrow is a 4th and final day of surgery!