Operation Walk Syracuse Nepal Closes as Operation Walk USA Kicks Off This Weekend

How do you describe a life changing experience to someone else and capture the spirit of the event- especially when one lacks the skills of writing. A group of ragtag "Syracusians" with a sense of adventure and a desire to tackle major hurdles, altruistic to the extreme, traveling literally to the other side of the world to help people. A dream that started with casual conversation and morphed into reality mostly by extremely hard work and some luck.  Sometimes the stars just come together and magic occurs.

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His name was Pramod Kumar Yadov

As we sat in the post screening clinic conference debating the risks and benefits for each patient before proceeding with surgical procedures, my mind flashed back to a day shortly after we arrived in Nepal. I walked the grounds with Dr. Saswat, the orthopedic resident assigned as our Operation Walk liaison. He pointed to a distant sight. Awkwardly making his way across the pavement, steadied by a set of crutches, was a young man of approximately twenty five. Saswat explained to me that he was a candidate for the Op Walk camp and had travelled from afar in hopes of undergoing bilateral hip replacements.

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