Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, New York

Operation Walk Syracuse is also committed to serving the local community in addition to international work. Each December over the last three years Operation Walk has provided life-changing care for those in need in Syracuse, granting the Wish to Walk though giving free surgery and rehabilitation to local patients.

Upcoming: December 2014

December 2013 - 3 patients, 3 joint replacements
December 2012 - 5 patients, 6 joint replacements
December 2011 - 6 patients, 8 joint replacements


One Story from Syracuse

Dr. Seth Greenky had known Cynthia for several years. 

When he first met her she was a 46 year old maintenance supervisor whose knee arthritis was progressively deteriorating. She had her first knee replacement in 2011 and immediately experienced relief from her pain and declining mobility. That relief was short-lived, however, and the other knee began to rapidly decline causing her tremendous discomfort and difficulty in keeping up with the activity required by her busy job.

The bad news for Cynthia was that soon after her first surgical procedure, she lost her health coverage. The life-altering surgical procedure that brought her tremendous relief for her first knee was now out of her reach.  Cynthia was a hard-working member of the American workforce but affordable health insurance was now not affordable or accessible and she was not eligible for governmental assistance.

Dr. Greenky introduced Cynthia to the local Operation Walk Syracuse initiative and later that year she underwent her second knee replacement.  Cynthia was most grateful to the Operation Walk Team for providing her this opportunity and enabling her to remain a functional member of the workforce and society.